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Typically, tooth extraction is a last-resort option. This is because our dentist, Dr. Perichole Eilers, wants to do everything possible to save the tooth. Now, although this is the case, there are still times when tooth extraction is necessary. Our dental team is happy to tell you when those times are, like when:

– Your tooth is severely decayed (This happens when a cavity is not treated in a timely manner. The cavity grows and compromises the entire tooth, even the underlying layers like the dentin and pulp)

– Your tooth is extremely damaged (This happens when you suffer a blow to the face, like during high-contact sports or when you crash on your skateboard or bike)

– You have wisdom teeth (Wisdom teeth typically cause complications when they erupt from the gums, so they generally need to be extracted to save the smile)

– You don’t have enough room in the mouth (When you have a crowded mouth, you usually don’t have room to align your teeth or let additional teeth grow into place. Tooth extraction makes more room for growth and adjustment)

Do you have any questions about tooth extraction in Watertown, Massachusetts? If so, please reach out to our dental team at Watertown Family Dental. All you need to do is dial 617-923-0233 and we will be more than happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you!