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When you are purchasing dental products, do you see many of these containing fluoride? This is a good thing! With the recommended doses of fluoride, you are gaining not only protection against tooth decay and cavities, but a great tool for strengthening tooth enamel. Our dental associates at Watertown Family Dental strive to give you the information and dental care you need to have a successfully healthy smile. Dr. Perichole Eilers and our team offer a professional application of fluoride at your biannual cleaning and exam.

Your daily dental regimen needs fluoride to maintain healthy teeth and a happy smile. The remineralization process counts on this protecting agent to work with phosphorous and calcium components. This helps create an invisible barrier on the tooth enamel against buildup and cavities.

Your daily intake of foods and drinks contains small amounts of fluoride which, when activated with saliva, act as a deterrent against cavities or plaque buildup. For over 50 years, your local water systems have been adding fluoride supplements to help communities fight against dental dangers, especially when there used to be hardly any preventative measures.

Look for the ADA (American Dental Association) Seal of Acceptance before purchasing dental items like toothpaste or mouthwash. Approved items containing fluoride will ensure you are getting the right amount as well as safely tested for your mouth. Give Watertown Family Dental a call at 617-923-0233 to contact our office in Watertown, Massachusetts. Our dental team is excited to assist you and your smile today!