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A grating or tender sore in your mouth can be sidetracking, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your day or just even eating, chewing, or speaking. This annoying cyst may be an abscess, a pus-filled infection in the mouth. It typically has a thin barrier, but this is only to stop the infection from spreading around the mouth.

Causing swelling and pain, this is often the result of an infection where bacteria have entered an irritated area of the mouth. Dr. Perichole Eilers and our professionals in Watertown, Massachusetts, strive to give you the oral healthcare you need.

Get a professional opinion by having your dentist look at your abscess. This is to better your health, so it doesn’t affect the teeth, jaw bone, and/or surrounding tissues. Signs such as a fever, redness in the gums, bad taste in the mouth, pain, or swelling are symptoms of an abscess. Speak with our professionals about which one of the following treatments is best for you if you have an abscess:

– Antibiotics (these can be used to destroy the infection),

– A root canal treatment (works for a decaying or a cracked tooth),

– Draining the pus (to prevent further infection),


– A cleaning in between the gums and teeth (this can be professionally done if it’s a result of gum disease).

Floss daily and brush twice a day to avoid abscesses, and come into Watertown Family Dental here in Watertown, Massachusetts, for a biannual exam. We will work hard to ensure you have a happy and healthy smile. Call Dr. Perichole Eilers‘s office today at 617-923-0233 to make an appointment or schedule a consultation.