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Dentures are commonly considered to be a dental treatment for the elderly, but can actually benefit younger patients, too. In fact, any patient who has missing teeth may be a candidate for dentures. In recent years, dentures have undergone significant advancements have made them much more effective in replacing missing teeth. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of dentures and how they impact your smile.

Receiving dentures can enhance the appearance and quality of your mouth, as well as improve your ability to eat by placing teeth where you didn’t have them before. If your speech was previously affected by missing teeth, you may find that dentures can help you pronounce words properly and regain the natural sound of your voice. Lastly, dentures can be a very cost-effective treatment for missing teeth.

Depending on your dental needs, you can consider three different types of dentures:

– Full dentures: Also known as conventional dentures, these appliances are placed following the removal of the teeth and healing of the gums.

– Immediate dentures: Similarly, if you need dentures placed directly following the removal of teeth, you can receive immediate full dentures.

– Partial dentures: Finally, there are many benefits of partial dentures, which clasp to the natural teeth to remain in place.

You can expect dentures to last for many years before they need to be remade. We encourage to you to take steps to keep your dentures in good shape, such as placing them in a cleansing soak or container of water when they aren’t worn so that they don’t dry out. First, dentures should be brushed clean before placed in storage.

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