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Would you like to improve your smile? If so, have you considered dental crowns? Dental crowns can help improve the appearance of your teeth. Our dental expert, Dr. Perichole Eilers with Watertown Family Dental in Watertown, Massachusetts, is trained and experienced with dental crowns and is happy to explain more about them.

Dental crowns are exceptional devices that are cemented onto our teeth or dental implants. Frankly, dental crowns are more customarily used to cover a damaged tooth or complete a dental implant restoration. Usually, other dental restorations may not have the strength or the ability to save the tooth depending on the jawline or any irregularities you may have. Dental crowns are more versatile to help with several different oral health needs.

Did you know, dental crowns are really durable? When dental crowns are adequately treated, dental crowns can last decades keeping your oral health safe and healthy. Dental crowns can be used to shelter a tooth, hold a dental bridge in place, or offer a stunning cosmetic appearance. The exciting news is because dental crowns are used for many restorations, they are proven to be successful for many needs you may have.

To learn more about dental crowns or your oral health, please call 617-923-0233 to set up an appointment. Our friendly team is happy to help you with any questions pertaining to your oral health care.